Spirit Play
We see the purpose of religious
education as helping children in
living into their own answers to the
existential questions: Where did we
come from? What are we doing
here?  How do we choose to live our
lives?  What happens when we die?

We use the Montessori approach
and Berryman's morning as worship
approach for the structure of the
morning.  As in Montessori, the key
elements are the classroom
environment and the teachers.  
These elements free the children to
work at their own pace on their own
issues after an initial  lesson.

The Door Keeper helps the children
get ready to enter the classroom as
parents drop them off.

The Storyteller leads the circle in
the story of the day, followed by the

Children choose an art response or
to work with a story previously
heard, helped by the Door Keeper.

Children clean up, followed by a
feast (snack) with the Storyteller.

Leave-taking is a formal process of
saying good-bye to the Storyteller
when parents arrive and children
are ready.

Stories have been developed in the
following categories:
Unitarian Universalist Focal Shelves
Promises (Principles)
Stories of the Mystery
Beginnings and Endings
Sacred Places
Church Corner
Religion Boxes and Ways to Pray
Heroes and Heroines

Developed through grants from the
Unitarian Sunday School Society
and the Fund for Unitarian
A Unitarian
Universalist Adaptation
of Jerome Berryman's
Godly Play

developed by Nita Penfold, D. Min.
Rev. Ralph Roberts
and Beverly Leute Bruce

with grants from the
Unitarian Sunday School Society
and The Fund for Unitarian Universalism

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